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In a stressed economy, companies are slashing their budgets - putting their spending on the back burner.

Each week it takes more and more “cold calls” to find the companies who are in a position to buy your product or service.

Wait too long and they’ve already signed on with your competition.

Do nothing and face regrets down the road.

New Customers Now, Inc. offers you the alternative you’ve been looking for. A No-Risk program that will keep you and your sales staff “pumped” for success.

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How You’ll Benefit By Outsourcing Your Appointment Setting

There are few industries outside of retail that don’t use telemarketing for appointment setting in one form or another. The question is not whether it works or doesn’t work. It’s been proven over time that it does. The pressing question today is “whether it is cost effective to do it in-house or outsource it to professionals who do it everyday.”

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At one time, the consensus was that a company could do their cold calling in-house more efficiently and less costly than outsourcing it to an Appointment Setting Service. That is not true today. The benefits of outsourcing today are overwhelming. The savings in direct costs, time and stress is enough alone to tip the scale in outsourcing’s favor – but the fact is - Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting gets better results – bottom line.

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Do it Yourself Appointment Setting –

It is a telemarketing standard that you will most likely have to hire 5 to 6+ Appointment Setters to get one keeper. Factor in all the direct costs of salary, training, benefits, etc. – then factor in all the stress and aggravation of lost time and wasted effort and outsourcing is starting to look a lot more attractive. Right?

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The right B2B Appointment Setting Company gets better results. More appointments equals more sales – more sales equals more profits.

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You’ll get the benefit of our 20 years in the B2B Marketplace
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What our clients say about their appointments:

“The revenue we generated from our first 4 appointments paid for your services 10 times over.”
S.O. in Houston, TX

“We’ve tried another so-called appointment setting service before with no luck. However, your appointments have been great! We could not be more happy with your services.”

J.T. in Greensboro, NC

“The appointments you set for me are spot-on. The decision maker was correct and they had a sincere interest in our services.”

D.M. in New Jersey