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New Customers Now, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based company with 20 years experience in all facets of B2B Marketing, Sales and Appointment Setting.
We go back to the times before someone coined the phrase “Junk Mail” – before it was against the law to fax a prospect a simple one page sales letter – before it was illegal to mass broadcast a phone message - before it was possible to lose your internet service if you sent an unsolicited email. We’ve seen it all and done it all.
Government restrictions have limited your options. Mailings are still legal but they just don’t get the results today that are needed to keep businesses growing; the ROI is very risky. Thankfully, business to business cold calling worked 20 years ago and it still works today, if done right.
We do it right. Our well-trained telemarketers blend the art of “professionalism and earthiness” that projects a personal touch that is often absent in today’s marketplace. They never lose sight of the fact that they are representing you and your company.
Our creative staff of Script Writers, Database Experts, and Customer Service Pros allows us to get the best results and offer the most generous Guarantee in our industry.
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M.D. in Los Angeles, CA. says,

“Your company has been great to work with. The leads you provided us have been most profitable!”

New Customers Now, Inc.
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