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- Spending money on advertising programs with bad results
- Hiring sales people who cannot sell
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Do-It-Yourself Appointment Setting is no longer the efficient, cost-saving method that it once was.

When it use to take 25 to 50 cold calls to get an appointment, it now takes 200 to 300 calls to get that same appointment.

As the economy goes down, the required cold calls to get 1 appointment goes up.


B2B Appointment Setting

Invest your marketing dollars with what works. Sitting face to face with key decision makers will make you far more sales than a glossy mailer or obsolete yellow page ad.

In today’s tough economy, no business can afford to be passive. Passive will not get you appointments and a lack of appointments will not get you sales.

Let us get you the appointments, then you can devote all your time to your company’s livelihood - getting sales.

Unlike our competition, we make it simple for you.

  • You won’t have to do any “prep” work (no scripting, no need for a database).
  • You just choose a block of calling hours for a flat price plus set-up fee.
  • We guarantee you a minimum amount of appointments and all you have to do is meet with decision makers who are actually in the buying mode for your product or service.

You will Never Get Less Than Promised. We take the risk. If we tell you that it will take 50 hours to get x amount of appointments and it ends up taking 100 hours… our Guarantee insulates you from paying any additional money….. ever.

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B2B Lead Generation / Database Management & Special Projects

Because of our reputation, we’re often asked to do Lead Generation, when appointments aren’t necessary – Database Management to update client’s prospect lists - and different types of Special Projects with specific objectives. We take on these projects on a case-by-case basis. If you have a need, contact us with your specific requirements and goals and we will be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

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Appointment Setting
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J.Y. in Houston says,

“Your appointment setting staff is Top Notch. I’ve gotten several compliments from my prospects about the people that set my appointments for me. It made the sale easy! Keep up the good work.”


B.P. in San Antonio says,

“I’ve used your appointment services for over a year now. The quality of your leads have been consistently good throughout.”

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